Markus Giolas, Photographer

Markus Giolas, Photographer

Logan Correctional Candid Portraits #DefytheOdds

I’ve been volunteering for Defy IL. Defy develops strong programs that help incarcerated, and formerly incarcerated individuals “defy” the odds of a national 30% return-to-prison rate. Less than 10% of Defy grads return to prison.

I had the privilege of filling in for Defy’s regular photographer at Logan Women’s Correctional Center. I was able to shoot these candid portraits while there. On this day the Entrepreneurs in Training (EIT’s) graduated in front of friends and family, from a months-long program preparing them to Defy the odds upon release.

These in-prison events are a profound experience, and Defy, IL is an amazing organization. If you are looking for a charity to donate to, please consider Defy, IL. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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